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Project Cases

Application case of solar off-grid energy storage invertering integrated system

The Rural Highway Administration of Shangzhou District, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province has entrusted our Division to transform and upgrade the whole section of Daoluohong Road in the rural highway county of Shangzhou District. Among them, there is no lighting facilities in Hongtuling tunnel, which affects the normal traffic of the road, and there are great hidden dangers in safety.

In order to eliminate the hidden dangers of safety, Xintong company, with the strong support and help of the Agriculture Administration, carried out on-the-spot investigation, combined with the on-site situation, in view of the fact that there is no electric transformer equipment near the Hongtuling Tunnel, ordinary power tunnel lighting system has a series of problems, such as high initial installation cost, high cost when put into use and etc. We give a reasonable and efficient solar power lighting solution. Using the high-voltage solar power supply system, the battery is charged and stored after solar conversion, and the back-end load is inverted and transmitted to the tunnel lighting facilities, which successfully solves the new energy power supply of the tunnel lighting and indicator equipment.

Inside and outside the tunnel is not only brightened and beautified, but also the traffic capacity is more safe and effective, making every effort to provide better traffic guarantee for the broad masses of people to travel safely and help get rid of poverty.

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