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Power Supply For Monitoring Forest Fire Prevention

Application Background:

The ordinary monitoring can not be realized because of the wide forest area, high altitude,and complex environment.Meanwhile,at the top of the mountain,there is no power supply and it’s difficult to deploy the wiring. Setting up video surveillance system in these front-end monitoring points can solve the past difficulties very well. However, the operation quality of the power supply system directly affects the normal operation of the monitoring point equipment. It is also the key to the whole monitoring system can provide forest fire prevention monitoring function normally.

System Requirements:

For a large number of front-end monitoring sites with high cost of laying municipal power and using solar and wind energy, if the power supply system is cut off for a long time, it will be fatal to the operation of the whole monitoring system. Therefore, in view of the actual needs of forest fire prevention in our country, the wide area under the jurisdiction of fire prevention projects, the high cost of field wiring, and the difficulty of construction and maintenance, the forest fire prevention monitoring power supply system needs to ensure the uninterrupted and reliable operation of the front-end equipment as far as possible.

Features of the Proposal:

The system meets the requirements of technical specifications for power preparation time, ambient temperature and load power.

The efficiency of the controller of the solar power generation system should be as high as possible.

The controller of the battery charging and discharging management should be optimized as far as possible to prolong the service life of the battery.

The power supply system with complementary wind and wind power should be able to optimize the coordinated use of solar and wind energy;

The system uploads the operation data of the power supply system to the monitoring platform.

The system also fully meets the needs of outdoor waterproofing and lightning protection.

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