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Electric Vehicle Charging Project in Xi'anxianyang International Airport from Xintong

When drivers of electric cars look for charging posts outdoors in summer, they have a deep experience: they must stamp their feet over and over again. 

Because charging must go deep into the mosquito hinterland. The following actions need to be completed by the car owner: 1. Park in the parking space and get off, 2. Open the charging port, 3. Pick up the charging gun, 4. Plug in the charging gun, 5. Confirm that it is connected, 6. Confirm that the vehicle conforms to the national standard, 7. Choose the charging amount, 8. Generate a QR code, 9. Scan the QR code, 10. Wait 90 seconds for a series of steps to determine whether the charging pile is good or bad. 

If you don't keep jumping while swinging your arms, your arms and legs will be red and swollen by mosquitoes in the grass. Of course, not only do you need to jump in summer, but you also have to jump to recharge in winter, because if you stand still, your feet will soon freeze and go numb. So people who drive electric cars are always bouncing. 

There is also a story about the owners of electric cars in Xi'an. 

One day in October, when Xiao Wang's electric car arrived at the company, it had only about 80 kilometers left to run. In the afternoon, he received a call from a friend. In the evening, the plane landed and asked if he could pick it up at the airport. He also brought something for him. Xiao Wang, who has always been warm-hearted, never refused such a request, and this time he hesitated and said to his friend, "it may not be convenient for me." The friend on the other end of the phone asked in surprise, "what are you doing tonight?" Xiao Wang finally said, "my electric car can't run back and forth." 

Yes, the endurance of electric cars is a severe psychological burden for car owners in the face of the round-trip distance between the urban area and the airport. However, how embarrassing it is to refuse to pick up and send friends to the airport because of this factor. 

What is even more impatient is that the owners of electric cars travel and travel by bus or by taxi to the airport. Because there is no place to recharge at the airport. 

Now, when you go to the airport, you will find that solar panels have been built to charge the car shed in the parking lot of Terminal T3.Here comes the gospel for the owner of the electric car! 

Which is better for new energy generation? Shaanxi Xintong Optical Storage and charging Project landed at the airport. 

Shaanxi Xintong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is the photovoltaic system supplier and scheme designer of Guodian Xi'an Xianyang International Airport project, providing technical guidance and construction support to the owners. it has been successfully completed and delivered to the State Grid Electric vehicle Service Co., Ltd.

180 kilowatt high-power double-gun charging, "driving to the airport, the main heart of the electric car panic" has become a thing of the past.

The full picture of the project is as follows:

You don't have to stamp your feet to recharge in summer. The environment of the charging pile site is clean and beautiful. 

No longer have to worry about battery life, sufficient charging piles, easy to operate, reliable equipment, charging at the airport. 

If you also want to play an important role in the new energy industry and charge for green travel, please call 029tel 88272235. 

We would love to tell you the story of what happened in the new energy industry.

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