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Xintong Intelligence Join Hands With CITCC To Help Communications Services in Southeast Asia

China International Telecommunications Construction Corporation (shorts for CITCC) is an stated-owned listed company controlled by China Telecom Group and jointly owned by the three major domestic communication operators. As the top service providers of global information technology, their service standards in the field of communications are high, and the strict audit of suppliers is self-evident.

Many years ago, Shaanxi Xintong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shaanxi Xintong) had a spark with Zhongtong Service. As a long-term supplier of the company, recently, for nearly 100 sets of communication power control cabinets that have been completed, the technical director of a tower merchant from a Southeast Asian country and a team of engineers visited Xintong, Shaanxi, for a week-long on-site audit and pre-shipment inspection.

At present, in the field of communication power supply around the world, there are only a handful of manufacturers with fully integrated lithium battery technology and services. Shaanxi Xintong engineers, well-known lithium battery manufacturers in the United Nations, working day and night with foreign businessmen within a week, continuously analyzed and debugged the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion batteries, and constantly adjusted the self-produced communication cabinets. Finally, it successfully realized the effect of perfect integration of communication power system and lithium battery system, which was well received by the owners.

Working Site of lithium Battery Integration

As an excellent supplier of 48V communication power systems for China Tower, China Mobile and China Unicom, Shaanxi Xintong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the R & D and manufacture of solar energy, wind energy and their hybrid integrated power control system for 20 years, and owns the national patent of off-grid solar power core technology: maximum power tracking (MPPT) technology of solar power.

There are currently more than 25440 Xintong MPPT solar (or hybrid) power systems operating online in tropical, cold, high humidity, high dry and high altitude regions around the world.

During this integration period, Shaanxi Xintong, as the leading party, carried out technical exchanges and discussions with domestic and foreign owners and domestic battery suppliers for many times, which further improved its own technical reserve in the field of communication power supply system and enhanced its service capability. The nearly 100 sets of cabinets ordered by the owners are also ready to be shipped.


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