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About Us

About XinTong

Scientific And Technological Innovation

Focusing on scientific and technological innovation, Xintong has embarked on a road of innovation with its own characteristics and achieved fruitful results in building independent innovation capabilities, independent intellectual property rights and international brands. Innovation is not only our mission, but also our responsibility.

    The company has R & D center, from market research, project demonstration, design and development, small batch trial production, declaration and identification, tooling equipment to mass production, efficient, rigorous and rapid to provide users with a variety of demand solutions.

    The company actively cooperates with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwest University of Technology, Xi'an University of Technology and Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology to make our products more advanced in technology and more complete in functions, which are praised by the majority of users.

    The company produces a construction area of nearly 30000 square meters, process tooling in the industry in the leading level, with a sound production process.

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